Doula Testimonials

"Natalie was absolutely wonderful in this regard - she observed our feeding and saw through to my baby's latch, helped me get set up with pillows for awesome positioning...Amazing and attentive with the baby, so caring with me about my needs post C-section,wonderful with my husband. It's been a dream."
-Jennifer T.

Natalie Zeri came to my house and she did a great job. She was an invaluable help at a time when I needed it so badly. She cooked for me and my 4 year old daughter, while I was able to take care of my newborn twins. I am a single mother, and she knew what I needed. She gave me great information on breastfeeding and took care of both me and my daughter and my twin babies. I would highly recommend her to anyone.You would be lucky to have her!
- Jean B.

Natalie was referred to me by my birth Doula and she is a great catch! She began helping me with my daughter around 3 weeks old. Natalie is super friendly and professional. She was so sweet to my baby and my baby loved her. She makes a fabulous breakfast too! Furthermore, she was a great support to me, as a first time mom, she offered knowledge regarding breastfeeding and provided support whenever I needed it. Any family is lucky to have her :-)
- Monika E.

We used Natalie as a postpartum doula. Natalie worked for us right after we came home from the hospital. Her help with our newborn was invaluable in the first weeks while I was in pain following an unplanned C-section. Natalie is reliable, loving and sweet with our son and very easy to talk to. I would hire her again, and would recommend her services as a Doula to any new moms who want some extra sleep and support during the tough newborn phase!
-Megan B. 

Massage Testimonials

Natalie was professional, personable, and made me feel super comfortable and relaxed. Love her! Maybe a little too formal in interaction but to be expected and appreciated in trainee. Thanks!
- Emily

I find it incredibly rare to find a therapist who deeply understands my body and can listen and feel what it needs. She's grounded and in-tune. Because of this, she's aware of how to support our bodies to give us exactly what we need to support our healing and feel our best. Thank you, Natalie! You've given me one of the best massages of my life and I look forward to many more!
-Summer S.

Servicing Santa Monica & Los Angeles, CA as a certified massage therapist, cert. postpartum doula, cert. lactation counselor and trained birth doula. Info@DoulaNatalie.com