Henna Body Painting

Welcome, Henna is a beautiful and interesting gift to give at a baby shower for the expectant mother and others attending. The decorative designs are a lovely addition to the festive atmosphere. One of the beauties of henna body painting is it's not totally uniform. The designs take on a life of their own when applied to an individuals foot, hand, belly, back or shoulder.

Mehnid, also called henna, is a plant based art. It's made from the leaves of a henna plant, dried and crushed into a powder. The powder is mixed with a solution containing eucalyptus oil & citric acid (lemon) and than it is ready for skin application. The colors of henna vary. I find the tattoo's leave behind a rusty brown reddish color and the longer the paste is on the skin and kept warm, the darker it will be!

Henna is traditionally used in Africa, India, Saudi Arabia and other countries in the middle east for ceremonial rights of passage. It is also used for it's medicinal properties in those countries.


Belly Mehndi

Henna services are for baby showers, birthday parties, weddings and/or festival events.

Rates depends on size, length and intricacy of designs and how many tattoo's given. Specific request can be accommodated.

-Small Travel Fee between $30-$50 depending on distance.

Henna art requires more time to create than drawings due to the method of application. Each design will take time to apply and dry. 

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